Laboratories availability

Laboratories Availability

Information about the scheduled classes given in the laboratories.

You have 4 different rooms divided in 2 buildings in the Leganés Campus, Torres Quevedo and Sabatini building.

From this link you will be able to see when these labs are occupied to plan a practice session or to access freely in case the lab is available.

Laboratories equipment

Laboratories equipment

Information about the programs and operating systems, besides their versions, installed in the laboratories.

From this link you will be able to access detailed information about the hardware and software available in the laboratories. So that you can make sure that the necessary software is available to perform a practice session in them.




Collection of useful tutorials and manuals to understand the functioning of the laboratory accounts as well as other aspects of general interest. A good starting point for novice users.

Frequently asked questions


List of questions and answers about the more frequent problems or doubts that may arise related to the laboratory.