How do I get a laboratory account?

To be able to get an account in the Laboratory you must have, at least, one subject given in any of the laboratories managed by us.

To create an account, you must click on this same page in the services tab, and next, access the option account opening where you should specify your login and password of Campus Global, and the new password desired for the laboratories, both in Linux and Windows. Once the account has been created an email will be sent to you indicating your information.

How can you access to Linux remote desktop?

If you want to access to Linux remote desktop you must read the following easy steps.

Console environment

  • Connecting by ssh to “guernika.lab.inf.uc3m.es” with your user of the laboratory environment.
    ssh a0XXXXXX@guernika.lab.inf.uc3m.es
  • Introduce your password.

You can access to the complete guide in this link:

Guernika SSH Guide

Where to go if a problem happens in any of the laboratories of the Computer Science Department?

I cannot access my account, What to do?

Probably you have exceeded the storage quota allowed. For more information, you can read this guide. Basically the steps you have to take are the following:

  • Access by ssh to our remote server “guernika.lab.inf.uc3m.es” with this command
    ssh a0XXXXXX@guernika.lab.inf.uc3m.es
  • Introduce your password.
  • Now can see on your terminal the information about your quota. However, if you can’t find it, you are able to introduce commands such as ” consultar_quota.sh ” to see the current quota spent and ” du -h –max-depth=1 ” to check each directory size of your account.
  • Delete files until you account size is less than the maximum storage quota allowed,  that is to say, 2GB.
  • Try to launch session again, either Linux or Windows.

Where can I find the needed software for a subject?

In case the subject is given in the department laboratories, the software probably will be already installed, ask your reduced group professor for its location.

If software cannot be found in the device and its instalation is required, contact the subject professor to send us a software instalation request.