The Windows system installed in the laboratories is a Windows 10 version with the latest service pack and updates installed. All subject accounts always have access to the common applications installed in every computer with no need of amistrator privileges, which implies that applications instalation, services booting or any other actions requiring these kind of privileges are not allowed.

List of Windows applications (Spanish)


Laboratories are equiped with the stable release of Debian Bullseye of 64 bits. A basic system with GNOME desktop environment version 3.30 is installed. Moreover, specific software required by subjects given in the Computer Science Department Laboratories is installed as well.

List of Linux applications (Spanish)

Applications installation request

In order to ask for the installation or update of any Windows/Linux application you have to write to the laboratory staff (

Please take into account that requests must be asked in advance (at least a week), so we can ensure the proper functioning of the application in the system and proceed with installation.